Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pocket Wizards VS Radio Poppers

The following shows a comparison of Pocket Wizards vs Radio Poppers .

I am going to compare the two systems with the following configuration

  • 1 Canon 7D
  • 1 430 EX
  • 1 580 EX II
The comparison will be with both flashes off camera.

Pocket Wizard
Radio Popper
What to buy
3 Flex TT5 units
1 AC3 ZoneController
2 AC5 RF Soft Shields
1 PX Transmitter
2 PX Receivers
1 Nikon Hot Shoe Pop-up Flash Adapter
$772 as of 3/28/2012,

$766.95 + taxes and shipping => $854.61
Interference with Flash
Yes. See   Potential interference with both Flashes.
Nothing known.
Operate by in-camera menu
No. The AC3 Zone Controller provides functionality
Supports ETTL
Supports ratios
Yes – with the AC3 Zone Controller. 
In camera menus
# of channels
3 (ABC)
3 (ABC)
Supports manual operation
Range supported in manual
1 to 1/64th power in 1/3 stops
1 to 1/128th power in 1/3 stops
Support mix of manual and ETTL
Supports HighSpeed Sync
Requires 580 EX II on camera or ST-E2 Speedlite
Supports Multi-Strobe
Requires 580 EX II on camera.

* Note: You need to modify the Nikon adapter to fit the 7D and not make the camera think a Flash is attached.

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